SEO optimization rates and prices “Start SEO”
SEO Position Increase
More Traffic
More Leads
Online Stores
To whom it is suitable: New pages, pages under
Specialized projects
prone to a small market
Portals and shops,
focused on
traffic flow
Portals and shops,
focused on
focused on
mass sales to large groups of buyers
Uncompromi-sing projects
Objectives and tasks to be performed: 1. Fix page errors

2. We will increase the reputation of your web page

3. We will complete all the basic tasks for your website growth
1. We will reach the target position
Bing and Google for your chosen keywords

2. We increase the credibility of the page so that the web page is easier to find in search engines

3. Attract the target audience to the page
1. We will
increase the amount of visitors

2. We will
increase sales

3. Detailed research of your product/service
1. We will increase the efficiency of the project

2. We will reach the planned number of leads (requests, calls, etc.)

3. We ensure transparency of cooperation. Payment is made only for the execution of the targeted KPI (Key Performance Indicators)
1. We increase the efficiency of the project,
performing deep

2. We increase the intensity of visitors, so
economic efficiency
and turnover

3. We help to develop the business
based on three main indicators (visits / conversion / check)
1. We will provide the entire marketing department
for your project, we will improve the project in all the

2. We will ensure the influx of the target audience, using all the internet marketing tools

3. We will increase your market share,
sales and brand awareness
SEO audits:
Collection and grouping of the semantic kernel:
Search engine promotion strategy:
Creating a site development work plan: for 3 months for 6 months for 6 months for 6 months for 12 months for 12 months
Site registration for site managers:
Competitor page optimization analysis:
Basic TT page search engine optimization:
Content writing for pages to be advertised:
Basic reports:
Google Analytics:
Google Analytics goals:
Link strategy:
Basic tips to make the page user-friendly:
Monthly page optimization check:
Google Directory Registration:
Registration on thematic portals: up to 10 portals up to 20 portals up to 30 portals lup to 50 portals up to 100 portals 150+ portals
Weekly page diagnostics:
Page availability monitoring:
Implementation of TT (Technical Tasks):
Content writing for info pages:
Daily position report:
Semantic kernel quarterly reports:
Full semantic kernel classification:
Extended TT for page search engine optimization:
Creating an editing plan:
Sales promotion tool
Content marketing:
Installation of call reporting systems:
E-commerce system installation (emails):
Site usability audits:
A | B testing and lead conversion tasks:
Extended monthly report:
Digital strategy:
Full page analytics:
Other parameters:
Time of preparation of the offer: 2 hrs 6 hrs 8 hrs 10 hrs 24 hrs (3 business days) 40 hrs (5 business days)
Number of specialists in the team: 7 12+ 17+ 19+ 24+ 32+
Recommended services:
Technical support:
Contextual advertising:
Advertising on blogs:
Web analytics:
RTB (Real Time Bidding) advertising:
SMM (Social Media Marketing):
Lead generation:
Internet strategy:
“Start SEO”
SEO Position Increase
More Traffic
More Leads
Online Stores

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